28 March

Sprint-BbMobile Campaign

Sprint and Blackboard Mobile postcard. The challenge was to incorporate not only the content, but the branding guidelines of both public companies.

28 March

Blackboard Mobile ad

Size isn’t everything. Embrace the limitations. One column by 1-inch ad. Actual size.

27 March

Pilot Performance Project II Poster

Challenge TILT Dance Company promotes modern dance as a vehicle for well-being and enlightenment, providing performances, innovative choreography, educational outreach programs, and a variety of services that help unite people and empower their lives through artistic expression. TILT needed a poster which would cut through the “clutter” of tourist advertisments and promote an event which ...

27 March

CenterBeam CIO Dashboard GUI

CenterBeam introduced the CIO Dashboard in early 2005 as a web-based tool that CenterBeam’s clients could use to securely gain real-time access to important metrics about their IT infrastructure, from the number and percentage of users on Windows XP to when a particular user had performed their last backup. I worked closely with the amazing ...

25 February

HighFlyers Club logo identity

Retro identity for a premier sales promotion program. Salespeople earned “their wings”, and with them a very nice vacation package to some exotic location. Palmam qui meruit ferat — “Let him who has earned it bear the reward”